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What’s the most important thing I’ve done this year? I Survived.

Yes, I survived! It might seem trivial or insignificant to some, but it makes me very proud of myself. I don’t usually celebrate a New Year as I get annoyed at all of New Year – New You, Fat shaming, Detox misinformation and huge pressures to set yourself too many resolutions that usually end up making you feel worse about yourself in the long run. It’s just another day!

If you need something to focus on, BE MORE YOU! The amazing you that you are. Filter out those things and people that make you feel inadequate as a human being. Don’t bow down to conformity. It isn’t selfish to care about yourself, its essential for your mental health.

If you are celebrating New Year then I wish you the very best. Here’s to another year of staying alive and happy new calendar day! 🥂

Stay tuned for my New Blog post which will explore some of how life was for me up to being finally diagnosed. I’m going to try and be very brave! TTFN x 

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