Creating my Wired and Wistful blog was initially suggested by family and friends. The aim is not just to help me talk about and explain things that happen/have happened in my life but also provide some understanding and information for all. Mental Health is unfortunately still a taboo subject as well as being grossly underfunded for both treatment and research. You can read my blog post for more.

On my blog you can also find some resources should you need help and advice whether it be for yourself or as a friend, family member or carer.

I also have a contact form should you wish to leave me a comment privately or message me about anything. If I do not reply to you quickly it is probably because my mental health isn’t at it best. However, I will reply as soon as I’m able.

You can find all my posts on the blog posts page but below you will find my most recent. I would appreciate any comments or reactions and can be left at the bottom of each post.

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Thank you for joining me x

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